by Bruidsgids

Written by Dr Melinda Aesthetics 

Forget the “power of love”.. that is so last year.. the real power is the power of the chin!

When chin filler is injected in precisely the correct areas, magic is absolutely possible. Not only does the chin change the profile of my beautiful patients, but it also helps to define the jawline and actually elongated the face.

CHIN sculpting with filler will forever be one of my favorite procedures.
I think this procedure is so underrated because we never really see ourselves from our side profile. The only time we might get to see our side profile properly is on photos. THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS WHY YOU NEED CHIN FILLER FOR YOUR WEDDING DAY! And…also the reason why you might not even be aware of the fact that you need it.

When I do procedures for any patient where chin sculpting is also done,  the patient always loves the chin result the most! Almost every patient says: “I knew my chin was a little retracted, but I never realized it was that bad”. “Why have I never done my chin before? Everyone should do it!” I even have chin filler in situ myself!

By bringing the chin forward, we also tighten the skin under the chin a little,  which helps with that contoured look and of course helps to hide that little double chin some of us have under the jaw.

So, when making your Wedding-to-do-list, make sure to add CHIN filler at the top!!

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