by Bruidsgids

Written by Metro Lifestyle

This week we are promoting a mixture of white, silver and gold bridal couture tulles. From flowery embroidered patterns to 3d flower & crystal embellished fabrics.

Our first segment shows a beautiful white tulle with delicate 3D flower detail and embellished stone in the centre, small silver beadwork tracing the outlines of the flowers and extended lines throughout the tulle. The unique spacing of the pattern and its flowing lines make for a perfectly balanced rhythm as the fabric folds around the arms, bodice, and bell.

Our second segment has a tulle with an amazingly embroidered and corded flower pattern, and each is embellished with tiny silver sequins. This tulle makes for an amazing pattern reveal on the skin with the added benefit of a subtle shine that will dazzle everyone. A perfect overlay and rounded finish to your dream dress.

Our third segment has a beautifully embroidered gold tulle design with dramatic background. This intricately embroidered tulle with historic patterns and flower combination come alive with the gold glimmer in the thread and the small crystals within the design. A fantastic choice for the bride that wants to be a little different and stand out with a more dramatic effect.

Our fourth segment has a very subtle pattern, yet quite a dramatic effect over the entire dress. This intricate pattern has a thin silver thread bordering the pattern and a number of different sized white glistening beads worked in for a great effect. Also spaced in a specific way, this tulle forms the perfect finishing touch to a beautiful fully formed gown.

Come and indulge your senses and visit us at any of our 4 branches, Montana, Centurion, Northgate or Boksburg, or you can buy online. We are truly a store that can make any bride’s dream come true. Or speak to one of our bridal sales consultants that will gladly assist. We hope to see you there soon!

The Metro Lifestyle Team.

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