Emphasising Excellence

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Written by: Chiqwawa 

It is important to find a style that suits your figure and emphasises your best features. You therefore need to know what shape your body has and therefore what you want to emphasise and what you want to minimise. For the fuller figure, we look at the pear shape, i.e. the lower body is fuller than the upper body; the apple shape, which carries more weight in the middle area of the body; and the hourglass or figure 8 shape, which is proportionally equal in the upper and lower body. 

If you have a pear-shaped body you would look lovely in an Empire line, which minimises the hips and controls a large bust by the straight neckline. Another style that would flatter your body shape is the A-line dress, which is actually a good style for all body types. You could wear it with off-the-shoulder lace sleeves, or perhaps an Illusion of the sweetheart neckline with crystal beading, which would work very well if you are a bit of a Bohemian girl, in which case a red-wine and navy-blue bouquet of fresh flowers would be stunning. Pear shapes also look very beautiful in ball gowns, but remember, if you are short you should avoid this style. 

For the apple-shaped girl who wants to minimise the weight around her middle, the Empire line is very flattering as it does not emphasise the waist area. If you want something more dramatic, a ball gown would look stunning. It would create a slimmer waist and more balanced upper and lower body proportions. 

For the girls with the hourglass or figure-8 shapes, I have good news: you would look lovely in almost any style. You can wear an Empire line with appliqué lace, an A-line with a dropped waist that will give you more freedom of movement, a trumpet-style dress or even a mermaid dress. 

But whatever your shape or size, please remember that you make the dress and not the other way round! Professional designers can make your dreams come true by taking into account what type of personality you have, what shape you have and what your preferences are. There are so many designs to choose from for your body shape, as well as many techniques to make your dream a reality!

Remember, your dress has to complement your personality! Your designer can give you guidance and help you to create your special, one-of-a-kind dream dress that fits every curve of your body to perfection! It does not matter if you are a size 8 or a size 22 – you need to love your dress and feel like a queen!