by Bruidsgids

Written by: Kiss n Bliss

Why not save some money when it comes to wedding planning? We know that’s a question that’s on a lot of people’s minds, especially nowadays. So, why not try to do as much as possible ourselves, it’s gonna be cheaper right? Well, not always and let us tell you why…


You do have that picture perfect idea of what you want your make-up and hair to like right, so why not do it yourself? That might not always be the best idea, even though you might think so. Not all of us have the best skills when it comes to make up, plus maybe you would rather want to spend your day relaxed, not worrying what you’re going to look like. And let’s talk about your hair. You might want a super fancy hairstyle; in which case we do not always recommend a DIY approach.


Amongst all else, let’s add planning into view. This is something we definitely don’t recommend that you DIY, even if you think that it might save you some money. Hiring a wedding planner might actually be what saves you on all the extra costs, because they almost always know some of the best money-saving ideas.


Not only can all of this help you on the front of finances, but it can also help you avoid all that stress and troubles that goes with planning a wedding.


But remember, this is where you’re gonna have to make informed decisions. And most importantly, do what is best for you. DIY might look ‘cool’, but it might not be the best way to go, at least not for all parts of your wedding.

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