Capturing Candid Moments: A Photographer’s Guide to Natural Posing on Your Wedding Day

by Bruidsgids

Written by: 4 Love of Photography

Photographer = 4 Love of Photography

When we meet a couple for the first time, we often hear comments like, “We don’t know how to pose,” “We’ve never done a photo session before,” “I don’t like being in front of the camera,” or “Do we really need so many photos?” As a photographer, my response is simple: “Forget about the camera.”

 In our photography approach, we embrace a photojournalistic style. Our primary aim is to capture your day, the story of your day, and the emotions that unfold. While there will be some posing and moments curated, our focus is on your connection with each other rather than with the camera.

 Here are a couple of tricks we use to help couples feel more relaxed in front of the camera:

 Build a Strong Relationship with Your Photographer: While considering the photographer’s style and portfolio is important, it’s equally crucial that you feel at ease with your photographer. We will be right in the midst of every special moment on your big day.

 Connect with the People Around You: Brides often feel self-conscious walking down the aisle, thinking that all eyes are on them. Instead, connect with the people around you. Greet them as you walk down the aisle, turning your head to acknowledge them. If you’re curious about the first look, keep an eye out for our upcoming blog on that topic.

Be Yourself: Don’t hesitate to express if certain poses or actions feel unnatural to you. We want to capture the real you.

Now, let’s talk about posing. There are a few key considerations:

Dark Suits and Makeup: Be cautious, as makeup can transfer easily onto dark clothing. Embrace and hug carefully if someone has makeup on.

Timing is Everything: There’s something magical about the moment just before a kiss or a cuddle. Take it slow, and pause just before the kiss – it’s better than squashed noses or squished cheeks.

Mind Your Fingers: Avoid having fingers creep into your photos from unknown sources. When embracing or standing next to someone, ensure your fingers don’t extend over your shoulders or beyond your waist.  Also, make sure everyone in the photo shows at least one arm.

Hand Placement: When hugging or embracing, it’s natural for your hands to land on the tummy area. Save those photos for a different occasion (or announcement). Instead, place your hand on the hip or the side of the thigh.

In our photography, we sometimes curate moments that are close to our hearts. We might ask you to whisper something in each other’s ears, sneak up on one another, engage in a staring contest, use your sultry voice, or strike our signature “I am done with this” pose.

In summary, your wedding day should be memorable, fun, and stress-free. Choose a photographer who can help create that experience for you. As photographers, we’re right there with you, immersed in the day’s events, and can help set the tone for your special day.

With Love


4 Love of Photography

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