Brushing for best results

by Bruidsgids

Written by: Salon de Schoonheid

Regular combing and fluffing of your lash extensions is essential! 

By gently combing your lashes, it improves their appearance and helps them last longer.

Brushing gently with an eyelash comb (wand) , build-up in the form of old make-up, skin cells and dirt is removed.

Regular combing also lifts and separates eyelashes and extensions. 

Sticking to a lash care routine (cleansing, combing and regular fills) will extend the life of your extensions.   


Why do I need lash fills?

The average person has 90 -120 natural lashes per eye. 

Each eye can shed between 2 – 3 lashes a day.

As a result, you lose

21 Lashes – Week 1

42 Lashes – Week 2

63 Lashes – Week 3

Ideally, you should fill every 2 to 3 weeks

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