A new song for a new season

by Bruidsgids

Written by: Yoane Makeup Artist

Photographer  Harvest Studios
Venue  Casalinga
Makeup & Hair  Yoane Makeup Artist
Videographer  Venture Media 
Flowers  Figs and Things 
Dress  Christine Clothing Designer 
Suit  Your Pal Men’s Boutique
Catering   Leafy Greens Wholefood Café

Louwnique & Christoff serve the Lord wholeheartedly & which is reflected in their wedding day as this was no usual day – it was extraordinary. I was privileged to do her makeup & hair and attend their beautiful day. I struggled to contain my tears for most of the evening as it was nothing like any other wedding I had ever witnessed. I asked the bride, Louwnique, to help me write this blog to ensure I captured the significance of every act I witnessed on their wedding day. It goes something like this…

The love story of Christoff, a dedicated software developer, and Louwnique, a free-spirited nomad and psychology student, is a remarkable tale woven with intricate twists and turns, all under the gentle guidance of God’s unwavering grace, love, and faithfulness. Their journey began when they first met at a church in 2017, but at that time, there was no romantic connection between them. The 10-year age gap, with Louwnique being only 20 years old at the time, kept them from seeing each other through the lens of romance. However, fate brought them together again on May 25, 2022, when Louwnique hosted an evening of worship and prayer at her home in Waverley. Christoff was invited by my father, Len Weyers, a mutual friend and spiritual mentor in both of their lives. Upon seeing Christoff again, Louwnique was reminded of a prophetic word she had received in 2017, stating that she would meet her husband that year but would not recognise him.

A few months later, on November 1 2022, after much prayer, they embarked on their dating journey, initially navigating the awkwardness that often accompanies new relationships. However, as they continued to seek God’s guidance, His grace confirmed the love He had destined for them in both hearts. Love and emotions for one another were stirred up, and their connection quickly deepened. They were engaged four months later, and after 11 weeks, they entered into covenant union through marriage.

They both can testify to the faithfulness of the Lord in keeping the promises He gives. We can rest in the knowing that when He gives a promise, that is His responsibility to fulfil it. All they had to do was walk in obedience and patiently wait for His perfect timing, which can be challenging. Their hope and prayer are that their journey will remind others that when we trust in the Lord’s promises, He fulfils them in ways that exceed our expectations.

The Wedding Day
The much-anticipated wedding day finally arrived, filled with excitement and eager anticipation. Bridesmaids running around checking that the tables are in order, makeup palettes and dresses on hangers, excited chatter in the air, praying, dancing and singing. The bride radiated joy and peace, a peacefulness I haven’t seen in many other brides I have worked on. Louwnique said she felt wrapped in God’s perfect love, where no fear, anxiety or stress could touch her.

Biblical Significance
In the weeks leading up to this day, Christoff and Louwnique had spent much time in prayer, seeking guidance on infusing biblical significance into the day, wanting the Lord to overshadow the day with His presence and to receive the glory He deserves. Therefore it was not strange when the Lord laid it on their hearts to wash one another’s feet before the ceremony. They believe that in doing so, they were obeying His word and a prophetic act that would signify their dedication to serving the Lord and one another daily. In John 13:14, 17, we read: “If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet…If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them” (NKJV). After they had washed one another’s feet, they dedicated one another, the ceremony and their marriage to the Lord in prayer before heading out and starting the walk towards the patiently waiting guests.

The second symbolic gesture they decided upon was a unique procession order. In a departure from the traditional norm, Louwnique, accompanied by her father, bridesmaids and flower girls, walked ahead of the bridegroom and his entourage. As they made their way over the meadow towards the forest where their guests were waiting, the bridesmaids blew the shofars, their resounding notes announcing their arrival.

Upon reaching the venue, a peaceful stillness filled the air. In a moment of solemn significance, Louwnique, with reverence and prayerfulness, took hold of the shofar and blew a clear and piercing sound. This symbolic act signified the yearning, anticipation, hope, and prayer of the bride of Christ for the imminent return of her heavenly bridegroom. The echoes of this act find resonance in the words of Scripture. The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” (Revelation 22:17). It encapsulates the deep longing for the ultimate union with Christ as the bride yearns for the day of His glorious return. The trumpet’s blowing on the wedding day serves as a reminder of this hope and expresses the bride’s readiness to meet her Bridegroom.

One of the most touching and deeply moving Jewish marriage traditions they incorporated into their marriage ceremony was the bride’s act of encircling her bridegroom seven times. This beautiful gesture carries profound symbolism, reflecting the breaking down of any barriers that may have or might still surround their relationship. As the bride gracefully circles her groom, it also represents the creation of spiritual walls that protect their union and serve as a prophetic act, signalling her commitment to encompassing him in prayer every day of the week. To Louwnique, her encircling Christoff signifies her unwavering support and dedication to her husband, pledging, in the presence of their wedding guests (the witnesses), to embrace him from all sides and foster a future filled with love and unity. It was a profoundly meaningful moment that captured the essence of their bond, leaving a lasting impression and evoking heartfelt emotions.

This was one of the most spectacular ceremonies I have ever witnessed & the rest of the evening was filled with so much joy, tears & laughter. Christoff & Louwnique’s marriage will testify to God’s love for others.


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